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The Simple Smart Personal Alarm

Using the best technology to connect you to help
just when you need it

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What our

I chose this personal alarm after considering several alternatives because of the "wellness check" feature. Other alarms require you to actively press something; this one notices if you fail to press

SOS Calls

For when help is needed
The basic Assure alert is the SOS call, which is designed to be used in case of emergency. If activated (and not cancelled) the SOS alert will trigger preconfigured messages to your chosen responders.
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Triggering an SOS

A simple squeeze of both smartband buttons sends out an alert. There is a button on each side of the band making it easy to call for emergency help when you need to, but difficult to trigger accidentally.
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Cancelling an SOS

The personal alarm will discretely buzz to indicate that an alert sequence is about to start.  You simply press one of the buttons on the smartband to confirm that you do not want help.

Responder Network

The Assure connects wearers with those who are willing to step up if help is needed. We have recently taken the Runner-up spot in a BT global competition to find the best new device to connect people to ‘family, friends and community’.

We believe that alerts are urgent so we deliver them by automated phone calls but otherwise send emails and SMS text messages.

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Active 'Check In'

One of the Assure personal alarm's many unique features is that you can set multiple 'check ins'. These are timed alerts which will make your wristband buzz to check that you are ok. When you receive a 'check in' you simply press a single button to confirm that all is well.

Avoid False Positives

The last thing anyone wants is for alerts to be sent to responders without good reason. The Assure has a number of ways to ensure false alerts are not sent;

  • Worn Detection - Fall alerts and wellness check-ins will not be raised if your smartband is not being worn.
  • Location - Alerts will only be raised if your band is within range of the base or using the GoAnywhere App
  • Alert Confirmation - Before raising any alarm, the Assure will firstly allow you to cancel by pressing a single button, it will then call your home or mobile number to allow you a second opportunity to cancel

Is 'no news' really good news?

One of the KEY issues with traditional pendant alarms is that they are passive, they will only trigger alerts when activated.

But what happens if you are not able to trigger it?

This is why we feel the Assure's 'wellness check in' system is vital for anyone who really wants piece of mind because it not only reacts when triggered but also initiates check ins to ensure that you are ok.

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Truly Fit & Forget

24/7 365 Coverage

None of us know when an emergency will arise so the Assure is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, everyday.

This means we have concentrated on making the battery last for a year (or more) so there is no recharging and the Assure is waterproof too. Combined with award winning design in soft medical grade silicone there really is no reason to take it off.

Battery Replacement

We'll monitor the battery levels of your smartband and then mail you a replacement for another year of confidence. We also send you return packaging so we can recycle the puck.

Reducing your risk

We designed the Assure personal alarm so that it does not need to be taken off to recharge. The more a device is removed, the higher the risk of an accident whilst you are not 'covered' and the higher the chance the device will be forgotten.

What our

Great device, easy to set up, comfortable to wear and lightweight. Works really well as described, useful features, which can be set to suit lifestyle of wearer. Simple to adjust on your own control panel online. Highly recommended, and customer service response is first class. 5 stars!!!

Mobile APP

Your confidence can GoAnywhere with our smartphone apps

Now the benefits of the Assure personal alarm can go anywhere you do.

So just load up our app and whether your phone is in your hand, your pocket or your bag all the benefits of the Assure will go with you.

Award Winning Design

BT Infinity Labs ‘Consumer Tech’ Runner Up

Runner Up

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IF World Design Award


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Good Design Award


Fall Detection

The Assure personal alarm uses a movement sensor that constantly monitors for suspected falls. We listen for a telltale 'jerk' pattern that could indicate a serious fall and then check to see whether the person is moving 'normally' afterwards. If we suspect there may have been a fall the band will buzz asking the wearer to confirm if they don't need help.

There are various settings to suit most people’s needs.

"Sometimes our work or pastimes can put us at risk of falling, or it may be due to age or illness. Figures from AgeUK suggest that about one third of all people over 65 fall each year. If the person is isolated and unable to move the long-term consequences can be serious. The Assure uses advanced algorithms that detect possible falls"
Day / Night Mode
During sleep most people naturally change position then remain still. This can be interpreted as a fall resulting in an unwelcome false alert in the middle of the night. The Day/Night mode extends the inactivity period to 4 hours during the night (9 at night until 7 the following morning).

What our

I know there are products which have been around longer, but they look so ugly, and this one is just a nicer bit of kit - it costs less, lasts longer, does more, and looks much better.


Striving for Resilient Communities

Many have chosen to live in a vibrant community to enjoy the later years knowing that there may be times when a bit of extra help is needed. How about looking out for each other using the Assure to give you confidence that, if you need it, help is close at hand.

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Our new APP means that now the benefits of the Assure system can go anywhere you do.

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