Assure™ personal alarm and monitoring system

The Assure™ is a revolutionary personal alarm and monitoring system – a fit and forget smartband that continuously monitors your wellbeing and connects you to help if and when you need it. If you live alone or are elderly and would like your friends or family to have peace of mind that you are safe, active and well, then the Assure smartband monitor is for you. The system triggers an alert for help if you ask it to, if the wellbeing checks are not acknowledged, or if it detects that you might have had a severe fall.
  • Alerts

    The Assure™ personal alarm and wellbeing monitor system has four ways of triggering an alert to cover a wide range of eventualities.

    • Call for help
    • Wellness checks
    • Fall Detection
    • End-to-end checks
    • Temperature checks
  • Buttons

    All you need to master using it is that if you want help you squeeze the buttons and if it buzzes and you don’t want help just press a single button on the band. It’s that simple!
  • Fall Detection

    The Assure system uses a movement sensor that constantly monitors the movement of the wristband. It can be configured to detect movement patterns that could be a fall. Every fall is different and the Assure will never detect 100% of falls with no false alarms. There are various settings to suit most people’s needs.

  • Battery Life

    The Assure smartband has been developed to have a one year battery life. This means that it’s a truly ‘fit and forget’ band. We have enabled this by proprietary battery management capabilities and designing the system to provide the level of service you need rather than providing many different features and options that may never be used.


Fits wrists from 12.0cm to 21.0cm circumference. It is 2.4cm wide and weighs 34 grammes.


The band strap is made of medical grade silicone to minimise toxic or injurious effects on the wearer.

First-class quality

All materials used comply with EU regulations and the product has full CE conformity.

Quality Support

Our staff really care about our product and customers. Happy to help you with both setting up and living with the Assure.


Call for help

Call for help

A simple squeeze of the smartband sends out an alert. There is a button on each side of the band making it easy to call for emergency help when you need to, but difficult to trigger accidentally.

Wellness checks

Wellness checks

You can set the Assure to buzz once or more a day to check that you are well.  The smartband’s wellness checks require you to confirm, by pressing a single button, that you are OK.

If you are out (without our app), or not wearing your band the system will automatically know and not raise an alert.

Indication of fall

Indication of fall

The Assure personal alarm ‘listens’ for an unusual impact followed by a lack of movement that could be a severe fall.

Comfort Zone Warning

Comfort Zone Warning

The Assure base temperature is shown as a red line on the MyActicheck dashboard. You can set a time window and minimum temperature below which we will email chosen responders to let them know.

Additionally you can choose to activate the ‘Frost warning’ which will email when the Assure base records temperatures below 5 degrees C.

End-to-end checks

End-to-end checks

The smartband monitoring system updates its status several times an hour. This gives confidence that the system is working and checks the wristband is being worn so the user is protected.

Concerned people can view the latest activity, with permission, through an online dashboard but if we find any system issues we will email.

The alert sequence

False Alarm Checks

False Alarm Checks

The Assure™ personal alert wristband system gives you two chances to cancel the alert; if you do not respond to either then the full alert sequence starts.

You can press a single button on the wristband to confirm that you are able to respond and do not need help.

If you do not confirm you are OK by pressing a button on your wristband within around 10 seconds we will place an automated call asking you to confirm you are OK by pressing ‘1’ on your telephone keypad.

Only if you fail to confirm your wellbeing by either of these methods will the event be escalated to an alert.

Responder Alerts

Responder Alerts

If you haven’t responded in the seconds following the alert, we will start to call the people on your personal network one-by-one with an automated message until one accepts the alert.

They will then be told, emailed and/or texted your location and confidential access instructions, along with any first response instructions such as vital medications.

Fall Detection

The Assure wristband includes a movement sensor which the system monitors to detect any event which might be a fall. Every fall is different and there are optional settings to suit different people's needs.
Elderly monitoring system
Personal Alarm and Monitoring System
elderly monitoring system
Most users will find one of the four presets suitable:
  • Off – all fall detection disabled
  • Sensitive – Small shocks will trigger the inactivity monitoring system which will start an alert if there is no movement in the next minute
  • Normal – The shock triggers are set to default values with a one minute wait for movement
  • Active – The shock triggers are set to low sensitivity with a five minute wait
"Figures from AgeUK suggest that about one third of all people over 65 fall each year. If the fall occurs whilst the person is home alone and the fall results in the person being unable to move, the consequences can be very serious. The Assure uses advanced algorithms that detect movement patterns that could be a fall"
Day / Night Mode
During sleep most people naturally change position then remain still. This can be interpreted as a fall resulting in an unwelcome false alert in the middle of the night. Day/Night mode extends the inactivity period to 4 hours during the night (9 at night until 7 the following morning). This period has been selected to be longer than the period of deep sleep for the majority of people.

No need to take it off...

the battery keeps on running

24/7 365 Coverage

Our technology is designed to maximise the life of the battery meaning that you never need to take the Assure off, unless you want to. It is also waterproof so you can wear it whilst bathing or showering.

Battery Replacement

We monitor the battery levels of all devices and mail you a replacement 'puck' when you opt for another year's cover.
We designed the Assure so that is does not need to be taken off to recharge. The more a device is removed, the higher the risk of an accident whilst you are not 'covered' and the higher the chance the device will be forgotten.
Acticheck Assure - personal alarm and monitoring system for the elderly, disabled, lone workers and people living alone

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