If your phone has a signal and you’ve connected your Assure band with the app it you can call for help and your responders will be told your location.

We are excited to get your thoughts on the apps. Like all innovation we know there will be improvements to be made but if you’d like to try it and give us feedback, we’d love to hear it. To find out how to try the app for your phone please click on the tab below.

How the app works

With the Acticheck app installed and your wristband linked you can GoAnywhere and have all the confidence that the Assure gives you at home.

Rather than loading the band with all the technology that you already have in your phone the app enables you to share the geo-location and data capability of your phone to continue to deliver alerts, fall monitoring and wellness checks wherever you have phone coverage.

The phone uses tiny amounts of data from your data plan. Most people will not even notice the 2MB of data usage a month and we have also been careful to conserve your phone battery.

We do need you to give the Assure app the following permissions:

  • Location so a responder knows where you are
  • Bluetooth so your wristband can talk to the app
  • Mobile data, so the system can communicate with the wider world
  • The mobile phone number of the device which will be shared with a responder in the event of an alert
  • Autostart should be enabled if your phone has it.
  • Battery optimisation should be turned off for the Assure app to ensure it is not closed down when running in the background.

We recommend that you leave the app running at all times. It uses only a small amount of the phone battery and will be available when you need it.

Your band will remain connected to the app until the Bluetooth connection to the app is unavailable when it will try and reconnect to your base.

When connected to the app your latest location will be shown on your MyActicheck web page. If you raise an alert the location will be provided to your responders as a link to Google maps in an SMS and email.

The phone uses Bluetooth, mobile data and location to function and failure of any of these functions to work will cause the app to not work. This app should not be used as a failsafe.

IMPORTANT: Please follow the instructions in the links below to ensure there is a resilient app function.