iPhone settings for the Acticheck app

Once installed the Acticheck app will work reliably provided you make the following adjustments to your settings. 

Full instructions are below.

  1. Ensure that automatic updates are disabled
    When iPhones automatically update, they might break the connection to your wristband without you being aware of it.

    You should still download them and install them manually, making sure to restart your phone and then restart the Acticheck app. Click here for full instructions.

  2. Ensure your location is set to ‘Always’
    Apple likes to protect their users’ privacy and will encourage you to limit location access, even periodically encouraging you to limit location access, possibly to ‘While using the app’. The problem is that means only when you have the app open on your screen, not if it is in your pocket or a bag.
    That means in an emergency the app could report you as being in the wrong location. To set the app to be allowed to always access your location follow the instructions below.

Setting app permission location to 'Always'

Click on your settings Icon

This looks like a set of cogs and in this example is on the right hand side

Click on ‘Acticheck’

At the bottom of the settings screen is a list of all the apps you have installed.
They are listed in alphabetical order so expect to find Acticheck near the top and click on it.

Check your Acticheck app permissions

They should look like this picture, with Location = Always, Bluetooth = ON, Background App Refresh = ON and Mobile Data = ON.
If Location is not set to ‘Always’, click where it says Location.

Adjust the location permissions

Ensure your settings look like the picture: Allow Locations Access = Always and Precise Location = ON.

Disabling Automatic Updates

Click on your settings Icon

This looks like a set of cogs and in this example is on the right hand side

Click on ‘General’

Again this looks like a cog and is shown here at the top of the third section.

Check your Automatic Updates settings

If you screen says ‘Download Only’ then you can leave well alone, but if not, click where it says ‘Automatic Updates’.

Adjust your Automatic Updates settings

Ensure your settings are like this: Automatically Install turned off for iOS updates and on for Security Responses and System Files. You can continue to Automatically download iOS updates. HINT: the controls are called toggle switches – to toggle them you can just click on them with your finger.

Updating in future

When an update has been downloaded, but not automatically installed, Apple will prompt you to go back to the Software Update screen and you can click on the Update Now button. Once the update is complete you should restart your phone and restart the Acticheck app.