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Being a Responder

Somebody who has an Acticheck life-saving wristband would like you to be a responder.

Here is a brief overview informing you of what is involved.

What is the Acticheck Life-saving wristband?

The Acticheck is a wristband monitor and alert system that has a range of alert triggers to ensure the wearer can get help when required. It is designed to be worn at all times so it will always be with the wearer when it is needed.

How does it work?

The wristband connects via a base station in the home, or optionally a smartphone if the wearer is out and about.

If the system detects that the wearer may need help it automatically phones people who have offered to help (their responders).

When a responder accepts the alert we give them the information to enable them to help.

What does a responder do when an alert is raised?

As a responder you will receive a phone call with an automated message telling you who has raised an alert, why it has been raised and asking if you are able to help. If you accept we will give you further information including access instructions and any medical information the wearer has recorded. This information is also texted and emailed.

You can decide how to react to the alert – telephone them, pop around to the house, call a neighbour or even call the emergency services. If you do not answer the call or decide not to accept we will call the next responder. If none of the responders accept we will call a second time.

Responders with verified email accounts can select times when they are available and can receive a daily email notification when the wearer is ‘up & active’. They will also get a notification email if it appears the temperature of the wearer’s home might be unhealthily cold or if the system stops working for any reason

What next?

If you agree to be a responder the wearer will invite you to join their network. You will receive a phone call from Acticheck (0161 850 4480) and/or an e-mail from with simple instructions on how to accept the invitation and verify your contact details.

Our protection includes:

    SOS Alerts

SOS Alerts

Activated by the user; for sudden pain, shortness of breath, security concern, etc

Being a responder Acticheck

I'm OK Checks

I’m OK checks

An alert is initiated if the wearer has not responded to their optional daily check(s).
A really simple way to confirm the wearer is OK in the morning and before bed.

Fall Alerts

Fall Alerts

An alert is initiated if the wearer has fallen and is unable to move.

Cold At Home Warnings

Cold-at-home warning

An e-mail warns if wearer is at risk of respiratory illness from a cold environment.

24/7 Coverage

Uninterrupted protection

Worn 24/7: waterproof, a year-long battery life and fitness tracker styling.




A PDF version of the leaflet with this information and is distributed with systems is available to download here.

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