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Comprehensive solutions for care providers

Your Business Needs

  • You want to support your clients to be as independent as possible for as long as possible
  • There is pressure on your resources
  • Technology can help
  • Designed for reablement from conception
The Assure won’t suit everyone but its ease of use, ‘fit &forget’ technology, unique mix of alerts and ability to integrate with your existing systems means it should be considered as a part of your offering.
Home Care Alert System

Home Care Providers

Finding the right client faced solution can be difficult. The Assure is suitable for those with general needs and through a comprehensive set of alerts can quickly link the wearer with their responders, whether that is their family, friends, neighbours or yourselves. Giving everyone the confidence to keep them at home and as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Housing Associations

Looking out for tenants diverse needs and identifying when the benefits of assistive technology, could save you resource in the longer term is difficult.

Some providers are already cultivating their tenants into resilient communities which bond to share their joys and support each other. The Assure can help foster this, linking them to each other as well as your response service.

Neighbour watch alert system

Neighbourhood Groups

Whether you are part of a first responder group a neighbourhood watch or just concerned for the wellbeing of a vulnerable neighbour the Assure can help.

Our online dashboard means you can easily organise alerts to go to willing responders (i.e. some people can opt out of overnight calls)  enabling you to look out for those who could benefit from it.

Retirement Communities

Many have chosen to live in a vibrant community to enjoy the later years knowing that there may be times when a bit of extra help is needed. How about looking out for each other using the Assure to give you confidence that, if you need it, help is close at hand.
retired person alarm system

We care passionately about improving care, support, confidence and independence within communities. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Acticheck and the Assure could help your organisation achieve this goal.

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