Acticheck is a rapidly expanding small company which is striving to improve the lives of vulnerable people through the use of our innovative life-saving wristband which will call for help in a range of circumstances.

It is normally used by live alone seniors to maintain their independence. Roughly half our customers buy it for themselves otherwise it is bought by someone from a younger generation. Customers also include isolated workers and younger people with special needs.

Acticheck is a business that seeks to balance profit with purpose and is looking for people who care about its mission, and who want to become part of something special for the long term.

Our values

Everyone who works for Acticheck is expected to be aligned with our values.

Customer focus

This is critical to our business and we must strive to improve our customer experience.


We expect all our team members to be committed to achieving collective goals and supporting others. This means taking responsibility rather than waiting for instructions.

Consideration of actions

Gaining a knowledge of why things are done so that changes will build on previous work.


We aim for all those that come into contact with Acticheck to have a sense of community and especially so for staff. We aim to have a respectful atmosphere as a foundation to a fun working environment. As a small team we are all expected to assist with any part of the operations if asked.


Being curious about how we can do things better is key to our development. The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband is a revolutionary product and we need to keep making incremental, evolutionary changes and also to be prepared to make revolutionary ones when needed.

Next steps

If you are interested please send a CV to and include “careers” in the subject line.