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Installing a system for a service user

Using this installation guide

This guide is intended for administrators adding a new service user to a group such as overseeing the discharge of a patient.

These are the quick steps to ensure a basic installation

It is helpful if you are familiar with the User Guide which is in the carton.

Can the service user or their family set up the system themselves?

Some users will be in a situation where they are willing and able to set up the system for themselves. If you do not want to maintain management responsibilities for their system or have access to the activity dashboard and you are happy for them to do so you can just log the registration number of the system (written on the outside of the carton) and send them home with it.

If you want to set up a system for a service users you will need an account that gives you access to the My Acticheck portal.

1. Creating a new service user account

To set up an Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband system for a service user you need to log in to your account at the Acticheck portal at my,acticheck,com. Click on MY WEARERS then click on Add New Wearer and enter the details of the service user. You will need the registration code of the system which is printed on the carton.

Once the account is active, you will be their initial responder. In the MY WEARERS page you can select when you are available to respond to any alerts they raise. This can be set as blanket availability by date or time of day for all users with exceptions being made for individual wearers once you have added them.

2. Adding more responders

Once all the above steps have been followed the system will be active with the administrator as the only responder. We recommend at least three responders, ideally people close to the service user who can quickly get to them.

To add a new responder select the user in MY WEARERS and click on View User Panel.

Click on MY RESPONDERS then Add New Responder. Enter the details of the responder and click on Add Responder.

All new responders must verify their phone number. If you have not entered and email address for the responder they will be called immediately with an automated verification call.

3. Activating the Assure base unit

If the base registration code was entered when the service user was created, it will automatically be activated when it is turned on.

Ethernet base activation

  • The base comes with two 1.8m cables. The blue (RJ45) one is for the internet connection. Plug one end into the Internet router and the other into the back of the Assure base.

Cellular base activation

  • The cellular base does not require an Ethernet connection.

The black (USB) cable is for power. Plug the small end into the base, and the large end into either a spare power output on the router, or into the power plug supplied with the system. In the latter case, plug in and switch on the power plug.

After a few moments the Assure base should make a ‘bing-bong’ sound and the INTERNET (globe symbol) light should be lit. (If it goes out then the connection has been lost and the system cannot function.)

The cellular base has battery backup. Once it has been activated remove the battery tab.

You should find a position in which both cables can be easily connected and where the Assure base is at least 30cm away from the broadband router and other electrical equipment.

To help with this the Assure base is designed to be used in either an upright or flat position (there is an illustration in the User Guide).

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband base measures approximate ambient temperature. If it is located it in a position which is representative of the general temperature in the property the dashboard will show the room the temperature. You can request the system to send email alerts if it drops below a chosen temperature during chosen hours when the wearer is at home.

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband base can be set to make sounds when an incident occurs. This can be configured in the MY BASE page in the portal.


4. Pairing the band to a base

IMPORTANT: When Pairing your band to the base for the first time it should NOT be worn.

Initiating pairing
When a base is first registered it will monitor for a band to be paired with it. It will default to pairing mode as indicated by a flashing BAND light.

Completing pairing
Hold the band close to the base (within 2m) and press a single button. The base INTERNET and BAND lights will alternate and if you are logged in the installation progress will be reported on your screen. IMPORTANT: Once started this process must be allowed to complete with the band close to the base.

Once confirmed, both the INTERNET and the BAND lights should now show solidly and the base should make a confirmation sound. The band is now paired to the base.


5. Verifying the phone number

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband system be default* calls the service user’s phone before it tries to contact to their responders giving them the opportunity to cancel any false alerts.

This should be the phone number which was entered when creating the new service user’s account.

The system will verify this number  with an automated call when the wristband is first connected via the base station and both buttons are squeezed. The phone call will come from 0161 850 4480 and should be answered and the spoken instructions followed.

If you need to check or change the phone number you should ensure you are viewing the user panel and then click on the setting ‘gear’ at the top left then select Phone Numbers.
To change the number enter a new number and click on Save Changes, this number will also need to be verified.

*Though it is recommended that the pre-alert call is made for times when this is not practical entering 00000000 (8 zeros) will bypass this.


6. Fitting your Assure band

The system needs to know when the Assure band is being worn.  The wristband uses capacitive sensing, similar to that on a touchscreen, which relies on proximity to skin. Whilst the user initiated alert is always active none of the other functions will work reliably if the band is not being worn next to the skin. The band should be both snug and comfortable.

To fasten the Assure, rest the band upside down and with the holes facing away. Rest the top of the wrist against the orange segment. Pull the holes up and then wrap the other end over the top. Identify a suitable hole for the peg to fasten in and placing one finger behind, gently push through with the thumb.

To release gently push the peg out with a finger from behind. Note the band is made from medical grade silicone and can be worn on either wrist whichever way round is easier to fasten.


7. Enabling features

Once the base and band have been activated the features can be enabled.

Fall Detection

Navigate to the wearer’s panel and click on MY BAND. Click on the arrows in the Fall Detection box and select Normal. Use the sliders to select the user’s latest rise time and earliest bed time the click on Save Changes,

I’m Ok checks

Navigate to the wearer’s panel and click on MY BAND. Click on New I’m OK Check and use the slider to select the time for the check. Click on Schedule then click on Save Changes,

Cold room warning

Navigate to the wearer’s panel and click on MY BASE. Click on Enable room temperature monitor then set the appropriate temperature and times then click on Save Changes,


The User Manual gives full details of these features.

Re-allocating the system


When removing the equipment please remove a battery from the base station when unplugging it. This will help maintain the battery health when it is put back on the subsequent re-use.

The wristband remains paired with this specific base station and needs to be kept with it. The easiest way may be to return the base and band to the original packaging and to put the removed battery into the middle of the wristband cavity.


In the Dashboard

Go to your My wearers tab, find the previous user and click on ‘Delete User Data’.

The equipment will then show as ‘Unassigned’


Setting up for the next user

All of the previous fields will need to be re-populated with the new users information , the system powered up (and battery re-installed).

Steps 5 through 7 will need to be repeated.

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