How it works

The Acticheck® life-saving wristband designed for practical protection and simplicity of use for wearers and responders.

For wearers - put it on and leave it on

Being waterproof and with a one-year battery life, there is no reason to take your life saving wristband off, ensuring you will always have it when you need it.

If you want help – squeeze the buttons

Though the wristband has other alert triggers this is the one to use if you get short of breath or have a sudden pain which means it would be difficult to use a phone.

If the wristband vibrates and you are OK – press a button…

…as a single button press means you don’t need help. Alternatively wait for the phone call and follow the instructions. Both methods stop the alert from escalating to a call for help.

Listen to a pre-alert check call:

That's it!

We wanted to keep things simple.

For responders

As part of the setting up process you will receive an automated verification call, which you need to take and confirm you are happy to be a responder.

Hopefully that is all you will ever need to do, but if you do get an alert call just answer it and follow the simple instructions. If you can assist, you will then hear information which is stored to help you. We will also send the information to your mobile number and/or email. If you are not able to assist don’t take the call or hang up and the next responder will be called.

If you are worried about there being a time when no-one could respond you might want to subscribe to our fallback call response centre. They will call the wearer and responders and if they are not confident matters are in hand will call an ambulance.

Listen to an example of a call to a responder below:

That's it!

We wanted to keep things simple.

For 'administrators'

Some responders can also be given admin permission, which means they can set-up the system and make changes such as adding new responders or changing the timing of I’m OK checks.

All alerts and critical messages are delivered by phone or email (depending on the urgency) but many find the activity charts useful as you can see if the wearer is staying active, getting out and sleeping well. 

This is an example of the main dashboard showing some useful features:

  • Simple dashboard  for easy management of your system.

  • A map show when and where the band last reported in, whether at home or out & about.

  • Activity chart showing when the person is out, how they are sleeping and general activity levels.

  • Recent events/alerts, who responded (with a link to email them, if needed).

That's it!

We wanted to keep things simple.