Assure - Living Alone Alarm System

Because you never know when help will be needed

If you live alone and you are worried about getting help if you had a fall in the home or garden, or you couldn’t move to the phone to call for help, then the Assure wristband is the answer. The Assure is a wearable personal alarm monitoring smartband that automatically detects unusual movements and has a built-in fall monitor. The smartband allows you to call for help by simply squeezing the band and works throughout the home and garden - you don't need to be near the phone. The smartband can be set to run wellness checks at least once a day. If an alarm is triggered by the system or raised by yourself and you do not respond when the system calls you, it will automatically call people that you choose – friends, family or neighbours to help. What’s more it can optionally send a message to let them know that you are up and about each day and even email them if your internet goes down.

A personal alarm system that monitors, tracks and checks the wellbeing of friends, family, the cared-for, and those who live alone. From detecting falls, unusual movements or allowing an emergency call for help, the Assure™ smartband provides peace of mind 24 hours a day.
alarm system for living alone

The Assure living alone alarm system is unique as it is the only personal monitor that is truly designed to be worn all the time, even in the bath or shower. Whether you live alone, or are elderly or frail, or you care for people that live alone, the Assure gives you, your family, your carers and your neighbours peace of mind.

With the Assure wristband monitoring service, alerts can be triggered in three ways by yourself, through the movement and fall detection tracking and through our wellness checks. For the wellness checks, the smartband will vibrate one or more times per day depending on how you have set it up. With a simple press of a button you can confirm you’re OK but ignoring it will raise an alert to your responders. A manual alarm can be raised at anytime simply by squeezing the sides of the smartband.

To find out more about how the Assure works and why it is ideal for those living alone, visit our homepage

And remember, if you declare you have a long-term illness or disability you can get your system, including a full year’s service & support, for under £200.

Whether you are looking for monitoring, alerting and or fall detection,
the Assure Living Alone Alarm System has it all covered.

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