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Acticheck – Lone Worker Alarm System

Because the safety of lone workers should never be taken for granted

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband is the ideal companion for those whose work can isolate them. Designed to send SoS alerts, detect unusual activity and check wellbeing, the Assure™ provides the reassurance that they are safely starting and finishing on time

If you or your workforce work alone, health and safety is paramount.

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband lone worker alarm system gives you peace of mind knowing that if you became unwell, had a fall or were injured, the alert system would detect anything unusual and raise the alarm to your network of responders (work colleagues, friends, neighbours or family). The monitoring service allows an employer to have confidence that their employees are safe.

From the service industries to self-employment, more and more of us are working alone.

Lone worker alarms - District Nurses

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband is unique as the only personal monitor that is truly designed to be worn all the time. It has won an iF Design Award for the smartband’s styling, is waterproof and has a year’s battery life.

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband wellbeing and personal alarm system is truly a fit and forget essential piece of wearable technology.

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband monitoring system gives you complete confidence across a large area and with the smartphone apps (see Smartphone apps) you will be able to use the Assure anywhere you have a signal.

To find out more about the Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband, visit our homepage or contact us.

Whether you are looking for monitoring, alerting or fall detection, the Acticheck Lone Worker Alarm System has it all covered.

Get the peace of mind you and your family deserve