For professional providers

Acticheck® helps you be more effective and more efficient

Our innovative approach can greatly reduce resource pressures, significantly reduce false alarms and improve protection with our unique proactive protection features (see lower down page). 

Using our Family & friends first approach currently reduces calls to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) by 94%.

We can do this because designing a constantly worn monitoring wristband, means we can deliver automated welfare checks and gives us the data to identify who to focus on and when.

Two buttons are twice as nice

As well as SOS calls and fall monitoring having two button, has the following advantages:

  • A simple squeeze calls for help.
  • Pressing a single button in response to the wristband vibrating says you are OK and don’t want help.
  • Virtually impossible to accidentally initiate an SOS! reducing embarrassment and encouraging compliance.
  • 1-year battery and waterproof means wearers wear it all the time.
  • International design recognition.

The addition of a second button means we can deliver so much more to help protect your clients and make your life easier.

  • SOS Calls
  • Few accidental SOS calls
  • - hence high worn rates
  • Fall Alerts
  • Automated welfare checks
  • On device confirmation (Press single button to say I'm OK)
  • Suitable for hearing impaired (or too far to use base comms)
  • Family & friends first option
  • Relieves pressure on ARC (pre-alert checks filter false alarms)


Life-saving wristband

One Button


Introducing Proactive Protection

While most button systems will react to emergency situations the Acticheck life-saving wristband has a suite of features to lessen the chances of them happening.

About us:

Acticheck was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Karl Gibbs who wanted to develop a system that not only gave peace of mind to vulnerable or elderly individuals to live independently in their own homes but also to their trusted friends or relatives who could remain engaged in providing welfare, care and reassurance.

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