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Replacement wristband

VAT exemption - do you qualify?

  • If your purchase is for the personal use of someone with a chronic illness or long term condition we can deduct the VAT.
    You make a short declaration when you are choosing the VAT exempt item and fill in who it is for, where they live and what their general condition is and pay the reduced cost!
  • Acticheck Ltd do not have to charge VAT on the goods where they are supplied in accordance with HMRC notice 701/7 (see: If the customer makes a declaration that the user is VAT exempt under this notice then Acticheck Ltd will supply the goods without VAT. By filling in the form above you are making the following declaration which will be on record and available to HMRC should they ask to see it.


    I, the purchaser, declare that this purchase is for use by the following person who suffers from the notified chronic illness or disability and as such these good should be supplied exempt of VAT according in accordance with Notice 701/7 : VAT reliefs for disabled people.

    Additional information

    What is VAT Relief for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities?
    In order to lessen the cost of the practical products which may be needed because of chronic illness or disability the government allows certain products to be zero-rated for VAT purposes (i.e. no VAT needs to be charged)

    What is eligible for VAT relief?
    Products that have been specifically designed to assist the daily living of people with a chronic illness or disability.

    Who qualifies for the VAT Relief?
    Anyone buying goods if they declare that they are intended for personal/domestic use by someone who has a chronic illness or disability (see definition below)

    What counts as a long-term illness or disability for VAT purposes?
    For VAT purposes, the following conditions are deemed to be a chronic illness of disability:

    you have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities

    you have a condition that the medical profession treats as a long-term illness, such as diabetes

    you are terminally ill

    If you are elderly but otherwise able-bodied, or if you're only temporarily disabled such as having a broken leg you will still need to pay VAT.

    Which conditions are considered to be chronic illnesses?
    Arthritis, Blindness, Cardiovascular Disease, Deafness, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Physically Disabled, Terminally Ill or other illnesses which have been professionally diagnosed as such.

    Are people registered as disabled automatically exempted from VAT?
    There is no blanket exemption from VAT for disabled people.

    What counts as personal or domestic use?
    Domestic use means the goods or services are not supplied to enable work or professional activity and are primarily for use in your day to day life.

    Personal use means that the product is not shared by a group of users but is expected to be available for the individual's use at any time.

    Can a charity claim VAT Relief on products bought for an eligible person?
    Yes, provided the product is to be used by a single eligible person, or series of eligible people, rather than being put to general use.

    Where can I get more information about VAT Relief available for disabled people?
    More details can be found by reading 'Notice 701/7 VAT Reliefs for disabled people' at


Frequently Asked Questions


VAT applies unless the wearer is disabled or suffering from a long term illness as defined at: and completes a declaration when purchasing the Assure

Yearly plan
Towards the end of the year we will be in touch to invite you to continue the service. This involves buying a new ‘puck’ with a brand new battery and another 12 months service. For the standard ethernet version we expect this to cost £74.99 (ex VAT) whilst for the cellular version (where airtime is included) will cost £99.99 – assuming there is not a huge spike in inflation.

The Monthly plans are on a rolling contract.

Beyond your chosen service plan, there are no other charges. The Assure base is designed to be on and connected the whole time and uses 1W of power. This equates to roughly 9kWh per year costing roughly £1 on current electricity tariffs (Sept 2015). If you already have broadband the amount of data we use is negligible or if you opt for our cellular Assure base (for those who do not have reliable internet at home, the costs are included in your plan.


The Assure is the only personal monitor that is truly designed to be worn all the time. After all you never know if it will be needed overnight, in the bathroom or perhaps in the garden. And if you have an iPhone you can GoAnywhere with our app.

To achieve this the Acticheck team have designed in the following qualities:

  • A one-year battery life, so no recharging
  • Waterproof for showering and bathing (and dancing in the rain)
  • Squeeze SOS buttons, so no accidental alarms
  • Comfortable to wear being made from super soft silicone
  • Comfortable to be seen wearing, winning a prestigious IF Design Award for its contemporary styling

But this is no dumb band; with complete home & garden coverage and the following comprehensive alerts to the Assure gives excellent protection and connects those leading a modern, active lifestyle to friends and family when they need it most.

  • SOS alert buttons
  • Always listening for signs of a fall
  • Wellness check-ins: Proprietary timed checks when the wristband buzzes asking the wearer to confirm they are OK by pressing a single button on their band. Ideally one in the morning and one before bed (and maybe one in between) gives everyone confidence in the ongoing wellbeing of the wearer
  • If the system fails (e.g. a power cut or internet outage) an email will be sent to the wearer and their administrators
  • Our base station reports on the household temperature and you can set a ‘Comfort zone’ alert for when the wearer is in a cold home.

The Assure has been designed to be very simple to use.

The wearer only needs to remember two operations:

  1. If they want help to squeeze both buttons on the band
  2. If the Assure band buzzes press a single button to confirm they are OK.

That’s it!

Once fitted there is no reason to take the band off, the battery lasts for a year and is waterproof for showering and bathing.

And as far as responders are concerned usage it also simple. Just answer the phone and if you are able to help press ‘1’ on your keypad. We’ll then speak, email and text all the details you need to help.

The online dashboard is available to the wearer and designated responders and provides a simple summary of recent activity of the wearer. Setting up the system is straightforward and can be undertaken remotely by a relative who can then install the physical equipment in a few minutes on a visit.

You never know when an emergency might strike, so Acticheck believe that any system should offer round-the-clock cover throughout your home and garden but not interfere in your lifestyle.

The Assure is designed to be worn all the time, with no need to recharge, and made from medical-grade silicone for a comfortable fit. Our simple to use squeeze button mean accidental SOS calls are virtually impossible and the Assure band is water-resistant so you can even wear it in the shower or bath.

So you fit it and forget it is there (until you need it).

There are currently four triggers for alerts.

Wearer initiated
A simple squeeze of the band (pressing both buttons at the same time) will start the pre-alert sequence. This is the only alert that will work even if the band is not detected as being worn (for more information see Worn detection).

Abnormal movement
If your band detects highly energetic movement it then ‘listens’ for a period of stillness in the following minutes. If a few minutes of normal activity passes the system assumes that you are fine and reverts to monitoring for energetic movement again.  If energetic movement is followed by a lack of movement, but the band is being worn, then an alert is raised.
An additional feature of this mode is that an alert can be raised without the need for a squeeze by hitting the hand with the Assure band against a hard surface a couple of times and then holding it still.

Wellness check-in
At a time, or times, to suit you each day you can ask your system to check you are well. Your Assure band will buzz on your wrist and you can confirm you are OK with a single button press. If you are unable to do this immediately, not to worry, you will have two more chances over the next five minute before we raise the status to an alert. We will only raise an alert if we detect the Assure band is being worn but is not being responded to. We will also note on your portal the reason for any non-delivery of a wellness check – the wearer being marked as being on holiday, the Assure band is out of range or is not being worn.

Comfort zone
Your Assure base station reports its temperature every 15 minutes. You can set a minimum temperature and times of day when you’d like this to apply and if we detect the Assure band is being worn during these times and the house is colder than you’d like we send an email to anyone marked as an administrator.

Additional notifications
Lost communication
If the system does not hear from your Assure base station for a little while we will send an email to all administrators. This means in the event of a power cut or internet outage (or even an accidentally removed plug) you will know. We also send an email as soon as the system is connected again so it is always worth checking your inbox.

Frost setting
If you choose, our base station will send emails to anyone marked as an adminstrator if it records below 5 degrees C, even if the property is empty. This might give you vital time to protect your pipes.

There is other information on the wearer’s dashboard which can be seen by them and by anyone else who is designated.
This includes:
the temperature of the base, which if positioned in a suitable room may indicate the temperature of the property.
whether the Assure band is being worn
the wearer’s movement patterns

Each of these may give valuable information for a carer (who is a designated ‘administrator’) and we will be exploring how we can create automated alerts /notifications in the future.

See also: Pre-alert checks and The alert sequence.

When an alert has been raised we use the following seconds to check with the wearer whether they want to cancel the alert.  If the wearer does neither of the cancellation actions the full alert is initiated.

Band buzz
The Assure band will buzz inviting the wearer to press a single button which will confirm they do not need help. If it is configured to do so, the Assure base will also sound as another indicator that an alert sequence is in process. Failure to cancel the sequence with a single button press will lead to the automated check call.

Automated check call
The phone number associated with the Assure base, or the smartphone running the app, that has triggered the alert will be phoned and the wearer will be asked to key ‘1’ on the telephone keypad if they do not need help. If ‘1’ is not pressed the sequence will continue to full alert where responders are called in sequence until one agrees (again by pressing ‘1’ on their keypad) to follow up.

See also: Triggers and the Alert sequence

Once an alert has been triggered and the pre-alert checks have gone unanswered the Acticheck system starts to call your responders.
We will automatically check who has said they are available at this time and call them in the order you have put them on your ‘My Responders’ tab.

Each call which is picked up will be read a message telling them that you are asking for help and, if the alert was raised through an Assure base station, the location which is linked to it. They are then asked to press ‘1’ on their keypad if they are willing to take responsibility. We will cycle through your contact list three times (not twice as stated elsewhere) to try and get a positive response; it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough people on your caller list that there should always be cover.

Once someone accepts responsibility we will read your access instructions and In Case of Emergency (ICE) to them and we will also text and e-mail them this information.

The Alert sequence can be cancelled at any time by pressing a single button on the band however it will not cancel any currently active responder call.

See also: Pre-alert checks,  Triggers, and the Summary Guide card

The Assure smartband has been developed to have a one year battery life. This means that it’s a truly ‘fit and forget’ band. We have enabled this by proprietary battery management capabilities and designing the system to provide the level of service you need rather than providing many different features and options that may never be used.

It is likely the Assure would give service for well over a year, however to achieve the one year service we advise a typical usage to be a Wellness check-in once a day and no more than three Alerts a week.  The band transmits to the base whenever a button is pressed or if a potential fall is detected, and otherwise at 15 minute intervals.  Although this interval can be altered on request, making it more frequent will compromise the battery life and reduce the service period. When such a change, or an additional wellness check-in, is requested we will ask for your consent to reduce the remaining service period before implementing the request.

Your Assure band is sealed and the battery cannot be changed, however we continuously monitor the battery levels of all Assure bands and will let you know well in advance when it is time to replace your band.

You can add a second band to a base so that a partner or carer can be protected too.

Though each wearer will have their own specific band the primary band wearer is a proxy for the second band wearer so they will share their responders.

If you’d like a second wearer on the same account you should order an additional band from the shop. When the new band arrives select Add New Proxy Band on the MyBand screen on the portal and follow the instructions.

An overview of how the Assure works can be seen at How it works.
You can find more operational guidance at our Support pages or you are welcome to email us at or to call us on 0345 25 75 080 (a local rate call) during our support hours.

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If you declare a disability or long-term illness we don't have to charge the VAT.

Many Assure users pay no VAT!