This page lets you know what changes have been made recently and also known issues that we are working on.

If you are aware of any issues not listed here please let the support team know by emailing

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Known issues

  • 23:00 29/7/2023
    OUTAGE AFFECTING SOME SYSTEMSThere was an update to our cloud servers that resulted in a change to the Internet address. This seems to have resulted in some systems going down. Systems that remained powered would have beeped every 15 minutes as a warning that it cannot connect to the server.

    We have identified the problem and implemented a fix. Most Systems have now become active again.

    If your system is displaying the X light remove the power and then reconnect it. If this still does not work try turning your router off and back on.

    Technical Detail
    At 23:00 on 29/7/23 there was an update to our cloud servers that resulted in a change the IP address provided by DNS. This has caused a problem with some base units. As a short-term fix we have changed the DNS record to revert to the old IP address. DNS records can take some time to get updated and can also be cached in the router so this update may require a router reset.

  • 10:30 16/12/2021
    USER PORTAL/DASHBOARD VERY SLOW:Some users may experience very slow response to the Acticheck Portal at We are currently investigating the cause.This only appears to impact Web access and the rest of the system is operating normally and all wearers are being monitored.

    We have identified the cause of the problem and are working on a fix.

    This problem affects new installations where the base has not registered. As a workaround ensure the base unit is plugged in before setting up the system.

    This affects new installations only. All existing installations are not affected.

  • 09:00 05/11/2020

    Some of our cellular base stations have lost connection to the network.  This has been identified as a  an issue with our  SIM/network provider who said at 08:15:
    “We have identified the reason for the current network incident and are already working on a solution. First parts of the network are already available again. The complete restoration of the service is still being worked on.”

    At 09:33 this was updated:

    “The elimination of the network incident is currently more complicated than expected. At the moment a large number of connections can still not be re-established. We are of course aware of the inconvenience you are facing. Please be assured that we are working at full speed to solve the issue.”

    At 15:45 this was RESOLVED

  • 09:10 14/08/2020

    Microsoft Azure servers appear to be running erratically and may cause service interruption.

  • 18:00 27/05/2020

    It appears that the service is now running normally.

    We will continue to monitor the performance and work with our service providers to find the cause of the problem

  • 12:30 27/05/2020
    From 12:30 today, 27th May, we have been experiencing some performance issues with our servers. This may have resulted some slow response times.

    Our engineers are currently investigating the cause of this problem.

  • 10:00 27/05/2020

    Lots of small improvements have been implemented which should result in the more effective operation of the system.

  • 12:00 28/04/2020
    RESOLVED: Android app issue
    The issues was identified, code written & tested and the app been updated on the Playstore.
  • 10:30 23/04/2020
    UNDER INVESTIGATION: Android app issue
    An issue has been identified where the Acticheck app stops functioning in background mode.
  • 09:00 24/02/2020
    Cellular base initiation issues

    Withdrawal of service of one of the major UK network providers to our airtime provider has caused issues with the initiation of cellular systems.
    Acticheck engineering department have paused the sale of new cellular systems we can confirm they will initiate consistently.
    We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • 02:30 19/12/2019
    RESOLVED: System outage/intermittence
    The system is now functioning normally.
    Acticheck are investigating the cause to improve service delivery in future.

    23:30 18/12/2019
    System outage/intermittence

    Service issues have been identified leading to intermittent connectivity. Service users may have received an automated email suggesting they check their system.

  • 07:03 23/10/2019
    RESOLVED: System outage
    Tests indicate that the system is now fully functional.
    Acticheck are reviewing what steps can be taken to mitigate against any future occurances.

    22:07 22/10/2019
    System outage

    Microsoft, a key service provider, have service issues at their Western Europe data centre which resulted in the Acticheck service being unavailable.


  • 13:23 05/12/2018
    RESOLVED: Intermittent Service

    10:00 05/12/2018
    ONGOING: Intermittent Service

    We are experiencing some intermittent service issues with our Web Server. This can result in the an Acticheck base timeout as indicated by the INTERNET light flashing. The system can still raise alerts although the band may not buzz to confirm.

    We are working with our partners to fix this problem.

  • 10:30 06/09/2018
    RESOLVED: Non-delivery of some Wellness check-ins

    20:30 05/09/2018
    REPORTED: Non-delivery of some Wellness check-ins
    This issue is being investigated.

  • 08:30 05/09/2018
    NOTIFICATION: Service upgrade – server maintenance.
    To initiate improvements to the service delivery there will be a short period of server maintenance shortly after 09:00.
    This should not impact on service provision.
  • 08:20 27/08/2018
    RESOLVED: Issue with rebooting bases.

    17.45 23/08/2018
    REPORTED: Issue with rebooting bases.
    Following an regular update of our system we are experiencing problems when the Acticheck base reboots. This is indicated by the base flashing the ATTENTION light with the INTERNET light on.

    We are working to remedy this problem. In the meantime do not turn off you base. If you are experiencing this problem then there is a temporary workaround:

    • Turn off the power from the base
    • Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the base while turning the power on
    • The base should immediately make a short BEEP noise and will continue to work as normal until the power is turned off again
  • 09:45 04/05/2018

    RESOLVED: Issue with automatic service emails such as ‘All OK confirmations’ being rejected.

    The settings for sending emails have been reviewed and adjusted to reflect the latest standards but this has not solved the issue for BTinternet emails. The issue has been raised with BT.

  • 09:00 27/04/2018

    Issue with automatic service emails such as ‘All OK confirmations’ being rejected.

    It has been noted that email messages being sent to addresses are failing to reach the recipients.
    It appears BT may have changed their method of filtering for SPAM

  • 10:00 08/01/2018

    RESOLVED: Issue with server response time potentially affecting service delivery.

    The server speeds have been as expected for the last since last Friday; we will continue to monitor but this issues appears resolved.

  • 17:00 04/01/2018

    Issue with server response time potentially affecting service delivery.

    A temporary slow down in the responsiveness of our service due to a service update from Microsoft to our Azure web services platform. We are in communication with Microsoft to determine the cause of the service update. This will only have affected a small number of our customers and no customer data has been placed at risk.
    We will update with further information as it is received.

  • 16:00 14/10/2017

    RESOLVED: Issue with email messages being sent multiple times

  • Issue with email messages being sent multiple times. Under investigation.
  • SOLUTION: Always select ‘Leave page’.

  • On some of the portal pages a browser panel appears warning the user they are about to leave a page when they select SAVE CHANGES. This is browser dependent. The workaround is to always select Leave Page.
  • 15:30 12/10/2017

    RESOLVED: Time shown on graph now correct.

  • The time shown on the axis of the graph is 1 hour out however the time shown when you hover over the line and incidents is correct.
  • 12:30 21/09/2017

    FIXED: Map position shows correctly.

  • No postcode validation. If an invalid postcode is entered the map will not display the correct position.



19th August 2021

  • Added automated renewal email generation and UI warning
  • Revised text, email and voice messages
  • Changes to email and SMS sending
  • Fixed bug in availability times
  • MY BAND calendar changes now highlights Save Changes
  • Voicemail detection
  • Add spaces to numbers in profile voice reads them out as individual numbers


1st April 2021

  • Worn detection now has configurable presence level
  • Send number verification SMS suggesting user adds to phonebook
  • Allow longer SMS alert messages


17th February 2021

  • Range test and set buzz level options
  • New code to check for low RSSI
  • Bug fix where base does not stop siren
  • Block calls to ARC if there are no active responders


5th January 2021

  • Automatic installation check email
  • Daily email now defaults to OFF
  • Fixed bug in fall detection settings
  • Low RSSI check
  • Changed voice no response timeouts and messages to be more answering machine friendly


10th Nov 2020

  • Optional email to wearer and responder after alert asking for feedback
  • Optional shake to cancel enabled
  • Limit buzz current – Set default to ‘flutter’ level
  • Set default settings for advanced fall detection
  • Changes to make base sounds behave properly
  • For numbers that start with +44 have optional from Acticheck SMS address
  • Extend timeout to mobiles
  • Improved support for incoming calls
  • Improve responses when someone calls Acticheck number
  • Stop user entering same number in their phone numbers


2nd October 2020

  • Change google maps from + to ,
  • Check managed user number is not same as responder number
  • Removed email case sensitivity
  • Fixed voice problems
  • Email users and wearers after alert
  • Restart failed alerts
  • Changes to number verification
  • Up to 10 bands for additional bases
  • Change ?q=loc: to ?q= for google maps hyperlink
  • Message to UI if number verification fails


30th July 2020

  • PostCode Lookup
  • Send All OK emails to proxy band responders
  • Disable activity monitor when battery low
  • Changes to worn detection
  • Long press of VOL UP cancels an alert


21st May 2020

  • New worn detection algorithm.
  • Always buzz band when both buttons pressed
  • Block All OK emails if there has been an alert since midnight
  • UI changes
  • Fixed bug is responder available time and App status reporting
  • Changed method of checking for matching responder/wearer phone numbers


13th March 2020

  • Fixed bug in ‘cannot Activate’
  • Fixed proxy band bug – was not calling response centre. Also now warns proxy band to admins


3rd October 2019

  • Added protection logic in wellness timing
  • changed email message when responder has email added
  • changed incident log colours


20th February 2019

  • Streamlined setting up system for someone else
  • Verify number by calling in
  • Shake after buzz support
  • Fixed bug in worn detection
  • Swapped location lat and long


24th August 2018

  • Added battery voltage to band screen
  • Simplify the alert status check when the base is in pre-alert
  • Fix bug in baseStatus when user had TUNE set to none
  • Reduced worn detection threshold in fall detection worn detection


20th June 2018

  • Added control for activity monitor
  • Fixed bug in new user registration which mixed country and country/language. Meant map did not display


20th March 2018

  • Some changes to support new band code (version 3.x)

18th April 2017

Critical bug fix to overcome problem with wellness checks which were falsely reporting confirmed.

7th April 2017

Critical bug fix to overcome problem with worn detection.

6th April 2017

Major new release with new features:
  • Support for mobile Apps
  • Improved detection of band being worn<
  • Room temperature warnings
  • Improved fall detection with fewer false alarms