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The recipe for wellbeing

Like all recipes getting the right balance of ingredients is important for wellbeing. You may be limited by the ingredients available, but you can make the best of what you have.

“I do not stick to rules when cooking. I rely on my imagination.”
~ Akshay Kumar

Aim to be as fit as you can be to meet your life aims, both physically and mentally. For instance if you want to fly jet planes you may need to be at the peak of physical and mental fitness but being able to drive for half an hour won’t need such attention.

Look after your mental health.

The Mental Health Foundation found that two out of three people will experience mental health issues during their life, and at any time only around one in eight people score highly on all the positive aspects of mental wellbeing. Sometimes mental ill health may be in part due to behaviour you can easily change but some factors may need external help. This could be as simple as a vitamin D deficiency which is easily remedied or could be more complex.

Your mental wellbeing is fundamental to your overall wellbeing. It is an area that many people can feel embarrassed about. It may help to think ‘if my best friend told me they had my symptoms, what would I advise them to do’ and then treat yourself how you’d hope they’d treat themselves.

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