My band is reporting it is worn when I have taken it off

We calculate whether your band is being worn by looking at a combination of information which is fed back to the system. There are things you can do to help us ensure that your band is reporting suitably and an overview of of this is available at Worn detection

There are three reasons your Assure band might show as being worn when it is not.

1; The band is being moved
The Assure band assumes that if it is moving it is being worn so if your band is in a pocket or a bag for instance it may report that it is being worn even when it is not. If you are planning on moving your band when it is not being worn you might consider putting it into Airplane mode.

2; Reporting lag
The band sensor works by comparing readings from the recent past and looking for significant changes to indicate whether the band is being worn. These readings get reported periodically so the dashboard can have a delay between the band being taken off and a change in the displayed status. However incidents such as wellness checks will update the latest status of the band to ensure it is using the current status so alerts are handled appropriately.

3; Water or other conductive materials under the orange section of the band
The band sensor looks for the level of capacitive coupling across the bottom of the module. Your wrist is far more conductive than thin air so the band reads a higher level when on the wrist however there are other ways of getting a high reading. For example,  getting water under the module will give a positive reading. Wearing the Assure band all the time means that it will inevitably get wet (in the shower or swimming):  when wet it will default to reporting being worn which, in most circumstances, will be correct.

See also:  Worn detection

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