What makes the Assure different?

The Assure is a fit and forget smartband – there’s no need to take it off, and our system actively monitors responses from your band 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide you with a home base station that gives excellent home & garden and if you have an iPhone you can download our app and have coverage wherever you go.

As well as SoS buttons and that you can ask it to always ‘listen’ for signs of a fall the Assure has its unique ‘Wellness check-ins’. At a suitable time the wristband will buzz and the wearer confirms they do not want help by pressing a single button. These additional touchpoints during the day give the wearer and those who might be concerned for them peace of mind even if you are unable to summon help the Assure can.

Our online portal means whoever the wearer gives permission to can log in and see the latest activity levels and even manage the system remotely.

Additionally our base station will send an email if the wearer is in a home that is below their comfort zone and we will even let you know if there is a power outage or the base loses communication for another reason.

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