Powering your base unit

Your base will need connecting to a power supply by one of the following methods:

Powering your base from your internet router
Many routers have a USB port which is capable of powering the Assure; if you have one available this is the simplest way.

The Assure base requires a 5V USB supply power capable of providing up to 200mA. Some broadband routers have a USB port that can be used to power the Assure base. You will need to refer to your broadband router manual to confirm it is capable of providing the power required. As the Assure system requires a permanent Internet connection, powering the Assure base from the router ensures that both are always on.

Powering your base from through a wall socket
If your router does not have a suitable spare USB port you will need to use the USB power adapter supplied with the system. This is an international adapter that has plugs to fit with most sockets around the world.

Note if there is no power to the base you will not be able to raise alerts however your responders will be able to see that there has been no recent communication with the Assure base.and people you choose will also receive an email to let them know the base is not communicating

Cellular systems have batteries
The cellular Assure system has a 48 hour battery back-up.

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