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Personal alarm system for elderly

Have you been looking for the very best personal alarm system for the elderly?

Welcome to Acticheck. We are a dedicated company based in the heart of the country that is proud to have some of the highest quality products available for you to purchase. We have developed an excellent wristband system called the Assure. This has now won its own international design awards and has secured runner-up spot in a global competition run by BT for innovation to support ‘Family, friends and community’ – so you know we are the business you need to go to.

Here at Acticheck, our product was founded by Karl Gibbs, who was inspired after having a discussion with his mother when he asked there was a way of confirming she was OK each day. Karl understood that people have friends, family and neighbours who may not be in daily contact but are willing to help in an emergency. So, with the Assure’s intelligent use of automated calls, emails and texts we give those who care about the information they need when they need it.

The Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband really is the very best personal alarm system for the elderly, as it gives you confidence that if anything happens to you, help is at hand. If an issue is detected, like a fall or period of no movement, or you raise an alarm, the Acticheck Life-Saving Wristband monitoring system alerts and calls people that you choose for assistance – friends, family or neighbours.

Would you like the very best personal alarm system for the elderly? Please feel free to check out the shop on our website today. If your purchase is for the personal use of someone with a chronic illness or long-term condition we can deduct the VAT for you, no problem. All you need to do is make a short declaration when you are choosing the VAT exempt item and fill in who it is for, where they live and what their general condition is and you will be able to pay the reduced price.

Get the peace of mind you and your family deserve