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Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Does your mum or elderly relative now live alone and you’re worried about something happening to them? At Acticheck, we have designed personal alarms for the elderly that will be able to put your mind at ease. Give your loved ones their independence without constantly having to worry about their welfare.Our Assure personal alarm system monitors, tracks and checks the wellbeing of friends, family, the cared-for, and those who live alone. From detecting falls, unusual movements or allowing an emergency call for help, the Assure smart wristband provides peace of mind twenty-four hours a day for both you and the wearer. Our personal alarms for the elderly are unique and the only personal monitor on the market that is truly designed to be worn all the time, even in the bath or shower.

Looking for Personal Alarms for the Elderly?

The four main functions of personal alarms for the elderly are SOS calls, fall monitor, no response alert and cold at home. The SOS call function is essential for times when the wearer needs to get in contact with their emergency contact, all the wearer needs to do is press the buttons on the wristband. The fall monitor and no response alert are there just in case the wearer is incapacitated after the impact of a fall, it can also ensure discovery if unable to respond such as after a slump fall, stroke, fainting, diabetic hypos and death. The cold at home feature is one that you don’t normally find on a personal alarm but because we have designed our alarm to be an all-round system it can also provide you reports on the temperature and if someone is ‘cold at home’ it will let chosen people know.We wanted to make our personal alarms for the elderly as easy as possible to use and therefore we haven’t over complicated things for the user. The most important thing for our user to know which buttons to press on their alarm and what the noises that come out of the base means. During an alert, the base has sounds that indicate the state of the alert and there are three distinct stages. The pre-alert sound is an intermittent single tone that indicates that the system is in pre-alert. While this sound is playing you can cancel the alert by pressing a single button on the band. The alert sound is a two-tone siren indicating that the alert is now active and the confirmation sound is four rising tones and indicates that the alert or pre-alert sequence has ended and someone is on their way.If you would like to purchase one of our personal alarms for the elderly then you can do so on our online shop. Simply follow the steps on our website and we will be able to provide you with a quote for your alarm and its system. You will then have to option to go ahead and add the items to your cart, follow this through to the checkout and we can then arrange delivery of your new personal alarms for the elderly. 

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